Boost Employee Retention with Christmas Cards

Holidays are coming, and you know that it is traditional for a manager to send greeting cards to his staff. However, people have become numb to the mechanical expectation of exchanging cards. Still, you can make a big impression to your workers this holiday season with these ideas.

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  • Personalise Your Greetings
    Inspire your staff with special notes like “thank you for all the great effort”, or other sweet talks that will recognise and uplift your personnel.
  • Print It with Their Pictures
    You can also opt to upload every picture of your staff to their cards to customise it more. Let them be aware that you are thinking of them. Doing so will help them recognise that you consider them as being more than just a part of your team.
  • Praising Messages
    Aside from your greetings, you can add an inspiring message inside just like any other ordinary ones. But to make it more meaningful, comment on their growth and let them know that they are integral to the team. Acknowledging their tough times is also a way to make them feel more special.

With these great holiday tips, your Christmas card will surely be kept and treasured. If you need more help with this task, then this website is for you.